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My name is Kat Fitzpatrick and I am ‘Miss Kat’  For many years my friend Stevi and I traveled around San Diego as The Music Box Storytellers. Our new adventure is to go online, and reach many more children.
Please join us as we embark on this new adventure.

I write and sing songs for young children. My goal is to encourage children to have fun, laugh, sing and learn at the same time. As a preschool teacher as well as a performer, I have combined my love for music and comedy with my knowledge of early childhood education.

If you have a preschool child who loves music, they will enjoy singing with Miss Kat!

Miss Kat’s Class : SHAPES

Miss Kat’s Class Video:  Circle Circle Triangle 
Learn about the shapes as Miss Kat teaches the class, and her friend Stevi participates in the Miss Kat Band. See if you can find Stevi- she’s the one blowing the tuba and playing the triangle.

Watch Miss Kat teach the class

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Kids! An oval is a shape that looks like this: Oval shape 1
Some silly ovals sneaked into Mis
s Kat’s Circle Circle Triangle song.
Watch the video again and see if you can spot them.

Parents and Teachers:  Interested in downloading the song?
Circle Circle Triangle is now available on:
CD Baby:


Stay tuned! More fun projects to come!

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